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Our promise to you was created to help you find everything you need to cope with everyday life, both during and after your illness.

Our aim? To help you find pleasure in taking care of yourself again, so you are better able to cope with illness!  We have listened to the experiences of men and women whose private lives have been touched by cancer and used the information they provided us to help us in our choice of products.

We have worked together with doctors, specialist beauticians and charities to find the most suitable products and bring them all together on one website so you can find everything you need to ease your discomfort and improve your quality of life.  We attach great importance to the quality of the products that we have selected and to the service we provide.

=> Rigorous product selection

The products that you will find on have been closely examined and meticulously selected for their superb quality, their comfort and extreme gentleness.

=> Constant search for new products

We take time to look for new products that are gentle, colourful and feminine to make it a pleasure to take care of yourself.

=> Your wellbeing guarantees

Fast delivery to your home, wide choice, discretion, secure payments, money back guarantee, best value for money.

=> Personal customer service with a human face

At Comptoir de Vie we wanted to create a personal space with a human face so you know we are here to guide you.  If you have any questions of any kind or problems with your order, you can contact us at you will be put in touch with an experienced and skilled adviser.

=> Plenty of information, practical advice and buying guides

Beauty and wellbeing advice, women’s personal stories, buying guides - we aim to bring together advice and tips gathered from conversations and meetings with former patients and professionals to help you cope with daily life.


You will find practical information on:

- choosing a wig

- choosing a scarf or a turban

- choosing yourlingerie after breast surgery

- finding skincare products

- finding hair care products to use during chemotherapy

- improving your wellbeing

=> Our newsletter

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