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Your skin reflects your state of health and may suffer during cancer treatment.  Some radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments can cause discomfort such as dry skin, itchy skin, redness, dull-looking skin and acne.  There are solutions available to soothe and care for your skin.

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  • Dry skin
  • Dull-looking skin
  • Sensitve and itchy skin
  • Skin rashes and acne
  • Redness
  • Scarring

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  • VEA Lipogel

    Lipogel - VEA Laboratories

    Lipogel: protecting, moisturizing and repairing gel for sensitive a...

  • VEA Detergente, Gel dermo nettoyant VEA - 100 ml

    Detergente - Cleansing gel - 100ml / 3,4oz - VE...

    VEA organic cleansing gel fluid with Vea oil (vitamin E acetate) mo...

  • VEA Detergente, Gel dermo nettoyant VEA - 250 ml

    Detergente - Cleansing gel - 250ml / 8,5oz - VE...

    VEA organic skin liquid cleansing gel with Vea oil, moisturizes and...

  • Oris - VEA Laboratories

    Oris - VEA Laboratories

    Pure vitamin E mouth spray, without gas or alcohol, for oral hygien...

  • Vea Mix

    Mix - VEA Laboratories

    MULTI-VITAMIN OIL (an innovative blend of vitamins A, C, E, F and C...

  • vea zinco

    Zinco - VEA Laboratories

    VEA Zinco is a rich protective cream with VEA oil (vitamin E in its...

  • Savon VEA Marsiglia

    Marsiglia soap - VEA Laboratories

    VEA Marsiglia soap protects skin and contains exclusively, premium ...

  • VEA Shampoo – shampoing VEA

    Shampoo - VEA Laboratories

    VEA laboratories’ anti-dandruff shampoo soothes and protects with V...

  • Baume lèvres VEA Lipstick

    Lipstick - Lip balm - VEA Laboratories

    Vitamin E rich lipophilic gel. Moisturizes calms, soothes and repai...

  • VEA spray

    Spray - 100ml / 3,4oz - VEA Laboratories

    Each and every benefit from vitamin E in a spray. VEA dry oil in sp...

  • VEA olio

    Olio - VEA Laboratories

    VEA OLIO pure vitamin E oil, ideal for dry, chapped and cracked ski...

  • Face cream - 50ml / 1,7oz - Pur'Aloe

    Face cream - 50ml / 1,7oz - Pur'Aloe

    Fluid moisturizing cream with aloe vera.

  • Calendula cream - Body care - Weleda

    Calendula cream - Body care - Weleda

    Daily treatment cream for face and body. Reduces redness, soothes d...


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