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Live with cancer, after cancer: Turban.net.

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WELCOME ON TURBAN.NET, the first online shop entirely dedicated to your comfort through the illness. We dearly hope that this website brings you confidence and energy. Looking after yourself on a daily basis is the first fight against cancer.
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How Turban.net
came to be
In 2007, the founder's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The next day germinated the idea of the 1st online shop dedicated to people affected by cancer.
The goal was to reduce discomforts, bring solutions and ease daily life during the treatment of the disease.
Thanks to a specialized beautician with whom we built the catalogue, Turban.net was launched in June 2009, and was awarded with the Golden Palm from the eCommerce Palms of 2010.
Today, we are trusted by thousands of customers, and dozens of specialized beauticians, associations and hospitals work with us.
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