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Raquel Welch Wigs

For many years American actress Raquel Welch has put her name to a range of high quality wigs.  Being used to wearing wigs at work and at previews, she also started to wear wigs in her personal life.  She was touched by the plight of women having to face hair loss and so devised a collection of medical wigs.  The Raquel Welch brand combines modern techniques with good looks.  Her wig collection is characterized by its up to the minute fashionable styling.  Raquel Welch wigs are suitable for women of all ages and in all situations from the sports field to the red carpet.  Whether your hair loss is caused by chemotherapy, alopecia or you just want a new look, Raquel Welch wigs provide natural looks and great comfort to the wearer.  Raquel Welch’s aim is to help you stay relaxed and fit to face the illness.

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