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Hand-Foot Syndrome

Cancer treatment and chemotherapy can sometimes have unpleasant side-effects on the skin of your hands and feet.  You may suffer from redness, swelling, dry skin, tingling or tightness.  Your fingertips may become sensitive.  These unpleasant side-effects are often reversible and diminish over time but they do affect your quality of life.

It’s a good idea to:

  • apply cold compresses
  • use moisturizing creams
  • wear gloves when gardening or doing housework
  • avoid all contact with detergents and household products

You’ll find all our natural moisturizing solutions such as moisturizing creams, oils and sprays to help fight against hand-foot syndrome linked to chemotherapy.

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  • VEA olio

    Olio - VEA Laboratories

    VEA OLIO pure vitamin E oil, ideal for dry, chapped and cracked ski...

  • VEA Lipogel

    Lipogel - VEA Laboratories

    Lipogel: protecting, moisturizing and repairing gel for sensitive a...

  • VEA Detergente, Gel dermo nettoyant VEA - 250 ml

    Detergente - Cleansing gel - 250ml / 8,5oz - VE...

    VEA organic skin liquid cleansing gel with Vea oil, moisturizes and...

  • Savon VEA Marsiglia

    Marsiglia soap - VEA Laboratories

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  • VEA Detergente, Gel dermo nettoyant VEA - 100 ml

    Detergente - Cleansing gel - 100ml / 3,4oz - VE...

    VEA organic cleansing gel fluid with Vea oil (vitamin E acetate) mo...


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