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Oral Mucositis and Mouth Ulcers

Cancer treatment and some kinds of chemotherapy can have side-effects that affect the inside of your mouth, causing thrush and mouth ulcers.

They are linked to changes in mucous production within the mouth, causing ulceration which can be painful and make eating difficult.

To solve this problem and improve your quality of life it is sometimes recommended:

  •  to suck ice cubes whilst receiving chemotherapy via a drip, to reduce the risk of thrush
  •  take particular care with oral hygiene
  •  avoid foods that are very hot, too salty, too spicy, too acidic, hard or crunchy

Take a look at our selection of mouth-washes and sprays to help improve your quality of life

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  • Evomucy mouth spray

    Evomucy mouth spray

    Mouth spray treatment for mouth ulcers and mouth problems caused by...

  • Oris - VEA Laboratories

    Oris - VEA Laboratories

    Pure vitamin E mouth spray, without gas or alcohol, for oral hygien...


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